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Safety First

Drownings are accidents that can be avoided. Parents are usually home when they occur.

Communicate with your spouse. Don’t assume the other is supervising, be sure! Many parents of drowning children say they only took their eyes off of their children for a brief moment. Answering the phone or door, checking the oven, in this short time, a drowning could occur. A Baby Gate® pool fence helps with these transitional times. Children are always on-the-go and are wanting to explore. As soon as they can crawl they can disappear and be in harms way.

Be Informed

Baby Gate® Pool Fence would like everyone to be informed. We would encourage you to take the time and read the information below and from our 5 4 related sites.

Practice what you learn. Guidelines for water safety are to be adhered to.

Things to consider for pool safety:


Constant adult supervision!

A Baby Gate® pool fence around your pool

Doors leading to pool should be equipped with alarms

Windows leading to pool should be equipped with alarms

Pool alarm that sounds inside the home

Telephone near the pool for emergency

Caregiver trained in CPR

Keep toys out of pool when not in use

Connect patio furniture together so not to be dragged

Patio should be free of debris

Pool water level should be high enough to allow for easy exit from the water

Always close gates and doors behind you

Be sure older siblings close gate and doors

Have rescue equipment near pool and know how to properly use it

Never run on a wet deck

Wait 30-60 minutes after a meal before swimming, to avoid cramping

Post rules to be followed by all who use the pool

Explain to young children why posted rules will help prevent them from harm

Use training floats as they are intended, not as a life preserver

Teach children how to swim

Children that swim aren’t drown-proof

Alcohol doesn’t mix with water


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